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本文为腾讯新 作者:胡梦莹 责编:柳星张、端梧

Most clients of our law firm are first-generation immigrants from China. In China, couples go to the same office for marriage certificates as well as divorce papers. However, that is not the case in the United States. A bewildered client once asked me: “To get married here, I need to go to the county’s office, but I cannot get a divorce at the same office?” In the U.S., if a couple wants a divorce, they must go to the court pursuant to the Family Code of each state.

很多人说,疫情期间最忙的就是婚姻律师。最近,我们联合位于硅谷圣荷西运营自己律所的资深家庭法律师Joanne Zhou一起合作这个专栏,为大家普及一下加州家庭法的一些基本知识。我的读者们大多身在美国,婚姻法的知识包括离婚、财产、抚养权等等,都是与大家的生活息息相关的。无论用到用不到,心里有数总是好的。

“纽约当地时间7月14日,曾为周立波代理律师的莫虎就周立波“侮辱诽谤”向纽约高等法院提交诉讼状,他要求周立波拿出一笔不少于1000万美元的赔偿金,并要求周立波撤回诽谤言论,公开赔礼道歉。” 腾讯《一线》报道 作者:伦伦

“鄢军以诽谤罪控告周立波和胡洁,认为他们两人蓄意让鄢军及其家人在名誉和精神上受到伤害,要求周立波夫妇删除任何相关的诽谤性内容,赔偿他不少于4500万美元。” 腾讯《娱乐一线》报道 作者:伦伦

“根据诉状内容,周立波于美国时间2018年9月13日向纽约州最高法院提交了这份长达40页的应诉及反诉状。” 腾讯《一线》报道 作者:伦伦

A restraining order (also called a “protective order”) is a court order that can protect someone from being physically or sexually abused, threatened, stalked, or harassed. A restraining order can include personal conduct orders, stay-away orders, and/or residence exclusion (“kick-out” or “move-out”) orders. The person getting the restraining order is called the “protected person.” The…

Parents always maintain the right to go back to the court to change custody arrangements after their divorce is final. The real question is whether the court will grant a request for modification of your order. Courts do not want to force children to live in a bad situation when their custodial parent’s circumstances change,…



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