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A married couple who are seeking a quick and easier way to get a divorce may choose the method of summary dissolution instead of proceeding with the normal dissolution process. With a summary dissolution, there is no trial or hearing, so you will not have to talk to a judge. However, not everyone may qualify…

家暴保护令,也稱禁制令(restraining order/ order of protection )。是法官核發的文件,用於規定人與人之間的接觸。它可以保護禁制令持有人免受身體或性方面的虐待,免受威脅、騷擾、跟踪或恐嚇。


When going through a divorce, it is important that you know how to properly identify your assets. When you enter a marriage, a partnership is formed and the partnership has the right to the earnings from the services of each partner.  All property possessed by the parties to a marriage are presumed to be community…


Same-Sex Marital Partners face a number of issues, as many countries do not allow or do not recognize Same-Sex Marriage. Those countries who neither permit nor recognize Same Sex Marriage, often do not permit Same-Sex Marital Partners to use their court systems to obtain divorces either. However, the State of California has laws to facilitate…

限制性股票(Restricted stock)是指公司承諾某個員工,在完成某種條件後,把一定數量的股票階段性地移轉到他的帳戶上,成為他薪水的一部分。

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