No one needs to be a victim of Domestic Violence.  Domestic Violence can be either physical abuse or emotional abuse and usually result from one partner to a relationship feeling the need to control the other. The parties can be married, but it also includes parties that are living together, or even parties who are separated. This includes heterosexual, gay or lesbian relationships as well. This abuse ranges from Name calling, isolating you from other friends or family, withholding financial support, to actual stalking, intimidation, threatening and inflicting physical harm.

California’s domestic violence laws seek to prevent violence in familial or intimate relationships. The state identifies domestic violence when an individual commits a criminal act within one of the types of relationships specified by the California Penal Code: spouse or former spouse; cohabitant or former cohabitant in a home; a parent with home the individual has a child; or a partner in a dating relationship.

California state laws allow victims of domestic violence to apply for emergency protective orders and restraining orders in both family and criminal court. Issuance of a protective order or restraining order does not necessarily depend on physical harm suffered by the victim as it can be someone who fears imminent harm or who has suffered emotional abuse may still qualify for protection through the California legal system.

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