The Zhou Law Group has an outstanding support team with exceptional professional skills and customer service. The team is composed of eight members: a case manager, four senior paralegals, a paralegal client manager, a legal assistant, and an administrative assistant.

Our case manager is an Executive Juris Doctor with over 20 years of practice in family law. Her extensive legal knowledge, exceptional paralegal skills, and hands-on experience with high-asset and otherwise complex cases allow her to successfully manage The Zhou Law Group’s caseload throughout Southern and Northern California. Among our senior paralegals are one Juris Doctor with 6 years’ family law experience, and two certificated paralegals with 5+ years’ family law experience individually. Our legal and administrative assistants provide comprehensive support services to our clients including consultation, appointment scheduling, billing and invoicing, payment inquiry, client relations, and more. Our client manager passed the California Bar Exam in 2022.

We advocate for teamwork across our firm as we believe this is the optimal way to help our clients achieve the best results effectively and efficiently. We go above and beyond to prioritize client needs with keen attention to detail and work quality, and in conjunction with our attorneys, our support staff will guide you through the legal process and tackle your family law issues in a cost-efficient manner. Our support team also provides multilingual services not commonly found at other firms, including, but not limited to, English, Mandarin, and Spanish. Please inquire with the team if you require language assistance.

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