Sometimes it doesn’t end with divorce.

Even after a divorce proceeding is finalized and a Judgment is entered, parties may find themselves facing legal issues related to their ex-spouse and/or the terms of the Judgment. Divorce is only the beginning of a new chapter, and promises life-long changes that may take time for the parties to become accustomed to.

It is not uncommon for parties to encounter disagreement post-divorce, frequently related to the following issues:

(a)Modifications to support: several events might trigger the need for termination or modification of an active spousal support order, including job loss or substantial increase in income, death of one of the parties, or remarriage/cohabitation of the person receiving support. Similarly, a change in income, custody timeshare (sometimes due to an out-of-state move), or emancipation of a minor child may call for a modification in child support.

(b)   Unresolved property issues: property distribution can take a long time to fully resolve. Sometimes a piece of property may be inadvertently overlooked in the original Judgment and may need to be accounted for after entry of said Judgment.

(c)Remarriage:  The remarriage or cohabitation of either party can affect the legal obligations and/or entitlement of a party to support, child custody, or right of inheritance through a will.

(d)Child support modifications: If you, your ex-spouse, or your child experience a significant shift in needs or capabilities, then you may need to seek an adjustment of your child support orders. This could lead to an increase or decrease in payments, depending on the nature of the event and specific case factors.

The above issues may require court intervention if the parties cannot come to an agreement. The team here at the Zhou Law Group is ready to help you tackle post-Judgment challenges, should they arise.



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