On January 16, 2024, CBS News reported that the body of 40-year old Yingying “Dawn” Yu, reported missing on January 8, 2024, may have been found in the Santa Cruz mountains. Her husband has since been arrested in connection with her murder. Obviously, California is no exception to the known epidemic of domestic violence taking place in America. In consideration of this sad fact, the California courts have given family law attorneys tools with which to try to combat domestic violence via the use of restraining orders. We are all familiar with the term, but what exactly is a “restraining order” and how do we utilize them to protect our clients and free them from a cycle of abuse?

In California, there are several types of restraining orders. The type used to protect persons from an abuser with whom they have a close personal relationship is referred to formally as a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (“DVRO”), and is governed by the Domestic Violence Prevention Act (originally passed in 1993). The objective of such an order is to tell an alleged abuser what they cannot do to the alleged victim, and often times that they have to keep a certain measure of distance from an alleged victim. As violators of a DVRO may face legal consequences including arrest and criminal prosecution, a DVRO is considered “quasi-criminal”, and as such should be taken seriously by both the protected person and the restrained person. To this end, members of the public come to THE ZHOU LAW GROUP APC for help when they are experiencing:

  • Physical violence and intimidation;
  • Threats to their own well-being or the well-being of children, family, or pets;
  • Harassment, both physical and electronic;
  • Destruction of personal property and valuables;
  • Sexual abuse or mistreatment;
  • Verbal, mental, cultural, and financial abuse.

Unfortunately, anyone who has gone through it can tell you that divorce and family dysfunction tend to bring out the worst in people, including lies, aspersions, and bad-faith legal maneuvers. This is why, conversely, our law firm is also here if you have had a DVRO filed against you and:

  • You are innocent of the allegations, and need a legal team who can defend you, your record, and your reputation against falsehoods and/or misrepresentations;
  • You have committed domestic violence, but still need your rights protected by a judgment-free attorney who can help you navigate the courts and who has knowledge of the law.

Please inquire with THE ZHOU LAW GROUP APC to see if your situation meets the standard set by the California Family Court to be granted a protective order for you or your loved ones. Together, we can prevent domestic violence throughout California and across its many cultures.