As you may already know, a driving under the influence arrest can bring serious consequences in the state of California.  License suspension; mandatory jail sentences; probation; stiff fines; court fees; long term alcohol classes; increased insurance premiums; and, a criminal record, are all potential standard consequences of even a first time driving under the influence conviction in California.

One must move quickly after an arrest for driving under the influence.  An accused only has 10 days in which to request a hearing with the DMV in order to avoid what will otherwise  be an automatic license suspension for anyone who has produced a .08% or higher blood alcohol test result, or for anyone who has refused a blood alcohol test.

Our experienced attorneys can minimize the consequences and your losses as a result of a driving under the influence arrest.  We will: Challenge the suspension of your license by the DMV; Aggressively represent you in court attacking the legality of your stop by police; Aggressively attack the manner in which drug, alcohol and field sobriety tests may have been administered by the police; Push for lesser charges; Work tenaciously presenting your case to a jury when appropriate; and in cases where case settlement is appropriate our attorneys from The Zhou Law Group will argue for alternative penalties when conviction occurs.

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