Same-Sex Marital Partners face a number of issues, as many countries do not allow or do not recognize Same-Sex Marriage. Those countries who neither permit nor recognize Same Sex Marriage, often do not permit Same-Sex Marital Partners to use their court systems to obtain divorces either. However, the State of California has laws to facilitate Same-Sex Marital Partners. If you are married in the State of California and you cannot get a divorce in the country where you reside, the State of California will permit you to get a divorce in California. If you were married elsewhere, you would have to establish residency here in California before we can help you. 

Our attorneys understand that the lack of precedence in many same-sex marital issues can create uncertainty.  At The Zhou Law Group, APC, we have successfully helped our LGBTQ clients, who got married in California during a trip and are currently residing in other countries that do not recognize same sex marriage, successfully obtained their divorce judgment in proper California court without their personal presence in the United States.