Prostitution is an agreement between consenting people to provide any sexual activity in exchange for money , and any act in furtherance of such agreement. The act in furtherance can be any step taken toward a sexual act. Whether sex occurs or not, is not essential to establish the crime.

California law encourages an arrest on all calls where allegations of Domestic Violence are reported. An arrest for Domestic Violence can even be based on a complaint to the authorities of the simple use of  rude force on the person of a spouse, domestic partner, dating partner, or child.

As you may already know, a driving under the influence arrest can bring serious consequences in the state of California.  License suspension; mandatory jail sentences; probation; stiff fines; court fees; long term alcohol classes; increased insurance premiums; and, a criminal record, are all potential standard consequences of even a first time driving under the influence conviction…

腾讯新闻《贵圈》栏目:本文感谢美国The Zhou Law Group的华裔律师周媛(Joanne Zhou)提供的法律帮助。

“纽约当地时间7月14日,曾为周立波代理律师的莫虎就周立波“侮辱诽谤”向纽约高等法院提交诉讼状,他要求周立波拿出一笔不少于1000万美元的赔偿金,并要求周立波撤回诽谤言论,公开赔礼道歉。” 腾讯《一线》报道 作者:伦伦

“鄢军以诽谤罪控告周立波和胡洁,认为他们两人蓄意让鄢军及其家人在名誉和精神上受到伤害,要求周立波夫妇删除任何相关的诽谤性内容,赔偿他不少于4500万美元。” 腾讯《娱乐一线》报道 作者:伦伦

“根据诉状内容,周立波于美国时间2018年9月13日向纽约州最高法院提交了这份长达40页的应诉及反诉状。” 腾讯《一线》报道 作者:伦伦

“美国当地时间2018年8月17日,与周立波关系复杂的“某某”鄢军向美国联邦法院提交了一份长达66页的起诉状,以诽谤罪控告周立波和胡洁,认为他们两人蓄意让鄢军及其家人在名誉和精神上受到伤害,要求周立波夫妇删除所有相关的诽谤性内容,并赔偿他不少于4500万美元。” 腾讯《娱乐一线》 报道:伦伦

Divorce is an emotional time in any one’s life. Two of the major issues to consider in the divorce process are the issues of child visitation and child support. Child Support, in California, is based on a set “schedule” and the courts attempt to make it entirely based on the income of both parties, but…

If you are in the United States on a visa that was granted based on your spouse’s application, a divorce or separation may affect your lawful status and ability to stay in the United States. If you are a conditional resident, divorce may affect your immigration status. A conditional resident is when the person used…

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